66 Street, Red Deer

Santo Properties


Opportunity Highlights:


  • Build to Suit or Land Lease
  • Excellent Access and Visiblity from main Calgary/Edmonton Highway Corridor
  • Rapidly Developing Area Serving Business/Industrial/Traveler

Business Advantages:
  • No Municipal Business Tax
  • No Provincial Retail Sales Tax
  • No Provincial Capital or Payroll Taxes

Location Advantages:

Mid-way between Calgary and Edmonton, this highly visible location is a logical stop along this economically vibrant north/south corridor.

Zoned C4 Commercial (Major Arterial), the purpose of this district is to facilitate the development of a primary location for trade and service businesses related to automotive travel, as well as other commercial land uses built at low densities in planned centers, to serve the city and region. Permitted uses are:

  • commercial recreation facilities
  • restaurants
  • merchandise sales and/or rental
    (minimum floor area for a building or a comprehensively designed group of buildings is 929m2. There is no minimum floor area for the units within the building(s).
  • service and repair of goods sold or traded within the C4 district
  • many other discretionary uses



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